AT&T U-verse vs. Comcast

AT&T U-verse U-verse vs. Comcast

AT&T U-verse U-verse vs. Comcast, which is the best home entertainment and communications provider? The answer is of course the service that will suit your needs. A new subscriber has to compare products and features closely to get the best value for their money while an existing subscriber may choose the features and pricing that he needs if he wants to switch. Here is an AT&T U-verse U-verse and Comcast comparison based on the important factors that drive consumers’ personal choice:

According to plans and pricing

AT&T U-verse Uverse has different bundles to suit every kind of subscriber’s needs. It has the U-family TV and Internet bundle (up to 130 channels and 6Mbps internet download speeds) at $59 a month for 12 months, the U-family TV, Internet and Voice (up to 130 channels, 6Mbps download speeds and digital voice) for $79 a month for 12 months, the U200 TV and Internet (up to 290 channels with HBO channels and 18Mbps download speeds) for $89 a month and a U200 TV, Internet and Voice for $109 a month for 24 months. There are also packages for U300 TV and Internet for $94 a month for 12 months and U300 TV, Internet and Voice for $114 a month for 24 months.

Comcast on the other hand has their Xfinity bundled plans starting with 80+ channels; 25Mbps download speeds and unlimited local calls and texting using the Xfinity app for $100 a month. Internet only packages are available starting from 3Mbps for $30 a month to 18Mbps for $45 a month.

According to features

AT&T U-verse U-verse allows subscribers to mix and match their services according to their needstheir Build Your Own Bundle will help you plan for the services that you only need. There are also offers for existing customers so expect massive discounts. Installation is also fast while customer service is via phone or email.

Comcast Xfinity provides more high definition channels, more live sports events and unlimited local calling and texting which are not available from other companies.

According to availability

You need to find out if your location is covered by AT&T U-verse U-verse and Comcast before you can schedule for installation. Once installation is verified, both companies promise next day installation. Each bundle from AT&T U-verse as well as Comcast has a specific lock in period so be sure to check the details of each bundle before you place your order. Dont forget to utilize the latest AT&T U-verse Coupons for amazing discounts as well.

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