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Is Carbonite an effective and secure backup service to try out?

Carbonite is an online file-backup service that offers different start up packages for clients. This cloud file service is available for small business owners to large established companies. It also provides file storage packages for home computing use. Carbonite offers a yearly flat rate for their services and as a way for consumers to check out what they have to offer, Carbonite offers a 15 day free trial with no credit cards needed for registration.

What are the features of this file-backup service?

  • Affordable unlimited file storage for $59 per year
  • Business packages with unlimited file storage for $229 per year for an unlimited number of computers after using a great Carbonite offer code
  • With automatic file-backup even when there is internet connection interruption
  • Files are encrypted for safely
  • Uses Secure Cloud Backup
  • With online chat and phone support services during business hours
  • With new mirror image backup features
  • Will support external hard drives
  • With courier recovery service features
  • Easy to use features; set up is quick and does not require additional system requirements.
  • With priority phone support for an additional $19.99 a year.

Pros of using

  1. According to different reviews, this is one of the most affordable online file-backup services on the web considering the price as well as the features that it offers to customers.
  2. Free trial service is a great way to get to know the product plus the no credit card required terms are irresistible.
  3. You get help when you need it with online chat support and phone support.
  4. You get total peace of mind since you can store your files in the safest possible location. Carbonite has one of the most secure servers plus your files are encrypted first before these leave your computer ensuring that these are safe and secure always.
  5. Files are automatically backed up so you won’t forget anything that can lead to a costly mistake.

Any cons of using the service?

According to users, certain files are omitted by default and files are only kept for a limited number of days. For instance, a deleted file in your backup will only be there for 30 days and for free trial customers, 15 days. Most reviews also agree that although there is free online chat and phone support, customers may need to wait for a very long time for service.


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