Carbonite vs. Mozy AT&T

Carbonite vs. Mozy AT&T U-verse

Carbonite and Mozy are two of the most preferred online-backup services. These companies offer unbeatable cloud backup for safety and security of files as well as easy access to files wherever and whenever. Carbonite and Mozy have unbelievable file-backup packages that online users may find interesting. Here is a Carbonite vs. Mozy comparison:

According to plans/packages

The Carbonite Home is $59.99 a yearthe HomePlus is $99.99 a year while the HomePremier plan is $149.99 a year. Mozy has monthly subscriptions $5.99 for Mozy Home Prices at 50GB, $19.99 for Mozy Pro at 1TB and a special price for Mozy Enterprise. Mozy offers free subscription for 2GB plan.

According to features

Carbonite offer code options can be used for the unlimited backup service plans, free 15 day trial, file manager service, 128-bit encryption services, and efficient customer support via email, live chat and phone support. There is a priority phone customer support for $19.95 a month.

Mozy on the other hand has automatic updates, free trial options, file manager service, 128-bit encryption services, free tutorial services, file sharing options, multiple computer backups and a money back guarantee. Enjoy customer support via email, live chat and phone at no extra cost.

According to compatibility with different systems

Carbonite Home will work for Windows and Mac computers while their HomePremier and HomePlus packages will only work for windows. Mozy packages will work for Windows, Mac, iOS and android.

According to number of computers

Carbonite will support backup for unlimited number of computers with their HomePlus and HomePremier plans while Mozy will support unlimited computers with their Mozypro and Mozy Enterprise.

It is very important to learn all about an online file-backup company before you subscribe. This is the best way to determine which service is the ideal service for your needs. Possibly the main difference between Carbonite and Mozy is their subscription; Carbonite only has annual subscription rates while Mozy has monthly rates. Carbonite technically has the upper hand when it comes to rates since customers will be able to get more savings upon using their service. But the price of the service should not be driving factor in your choice. All the features should be considered as well as safety and security of your backup files. You should find the best file security service since safety of your files is very important in all kinds of business dealings. When your files are safe your business and customers will also be secure.


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