Nokia’s new phone codenames turn to Bond, Breaking Bad for inspiration

Nokia is dealing with a brand-new batch of Windows Phone 8 mobiles under the direct influence of its brand-new masters at Microsoft, and a Twitter leakster declared to be privy to several of those gadgets’ codenames.

Some upcoming Nokia gadgets are presently understood internally as “Goldfinger,” “Moneypenny,” “Normandy,” “Phantom” and “Spinel,” baseding on a tweet from @ evleaks.

The knowledgable tipster as common gave no source for its information, however evleaks has verified accurate adequate times for our ears to get when they talks.

And while a device’s codename isn’t constantly a hint to its form or features, in this instance these oddly referential labels simply could be.

Shaken and/or stirred

Goldfinger and Moneypenny are the labels of timeless James Bond personalities. Goldfinger is a Midas-like bad guy who’s consumed with gold, and Moneypenny a flirtatious secretary.

The Nokia device codenamed Moneypenny could have an emphasis on business and even be something else totally, like a smartwatch – the initial tweet just stated “Nokia products,” not phones particularly.

“Goldfinger” possibly doesn’t refer to a gold-plated phone, though with high gold iPhone need Nokia can well be working with a metal device with a comparable champagne hue.

One of the various other codenames also sustains the concept that Nokia is moving previous plastics for its Windows Phone mobile phones: “Spinel” is a magnesium light weight aluminum mineral.

Does that mean light weight aluminum phones are in the works at Nokia? Possibly. Or maybe someone at Nokia has actually simply been enjoying a great deal of Cracking Bad. They’re minerals, Marie!

The Phantom and Normandy are a lot more mysterious, though we cannot assist yet consider Mass Impact for the last. Possibly it will include area trip?

For that concern, perhaps the 007-inspired products will provide a few of Q’s well-known gadgetry. Any individual up for a Windows Phone with a laser device beam?

Via PhoneArena

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