What’s to blame for Apple iTV delay? Content and the iWatch, apparently

Apple’s long-teased iTV could have been shelved yet once more, with the Cupertino titan moving concentration to wearable tech. According to sources”in the TV supply chain”speaking with Screen Search, Apple pressed time out once again on its supposed television product to keep its attention on the much-mooted iWatch’s. Exactly what’s even more, content is apparently still a sticking point for

Apple’s TV task-Show Search sources suggested securing proprietary content and lining up things other TELEVISION carriers can not(À la cartepay TV programming, for example)is one more reason behind the iTV’s hold-up. An iTV release date of 2014 has actually been drifted for a long time now, but it looks like Apple’s TELEVISION aspirations will not involve fruition until at the very least 2015. iWatch watch Apple could be smart to hold off scuba diving in to the TV company, specifically with serviceslike Netflix, Hulu as well as Chromecast overthrowing content shipment by the minute. The brand additionally needs to catch up with the television producers that have actually been in the ready years and are continuouslying expand with higher-quality though still quite pricey 4K collections. On the other hand, smartwatches are still a brand-new device market that’s occupied by far fewer competitors, namely physical fitness bands like the Nike Fuel Band SE and Fitbit and also the Samsung Equipment. Adding more fuel to the

smoldering rumor fire, during its recent Q4 profits call CEO Tim Chef said Apple was checking into “substantial possibilities ahead of us in both present item categories and brand-new ones.”This could imply more compared to one new line of product, featuring TVs and smartwatches. Or maybe 2014 will be the year for Apple’s games passions to come


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