Best Verizon FiOS Services

Which is the Best Verizon FiOS Services for Me?

How can you tell which Verizon FiOS service is the best service for your needs? Verizon FiOS is all about using fiber optic technology to deliver the best communications and entertainment packages to families and businesses. Fiber optic means clearer, uninterrupted, fast and efficient internet, voice and digital television channels and high definition channels all in one company.

FiOS Internet

When internet is supplied by fiber optic technology you do not just get fast speeds but Quantum speeds that range from 50/25 Mbps to 500/100 Mbps! You can download an HD movie in just minutes, upload as many as 200 photos in just a few seconds and even play games without any lags or delays. If you need ultra-fast and reliable internet connection for your home or business then Verizon FiOS service is for you.


FiOS TV means you get to watch over 165 high definition channels and more than 500 digital channels. Their TV plans start with select HD channels for less than $50 a month to their ultimate high definition plan with more than 380 high definition channels for less than $90 a month. You may also combine channels and packs with their Showtime and Starz Entertainment Pack, HBO and Cinemax Pack and so many more.

FiOS Digital Voice

FiOS digital voice could only mean clearer voice quality no matter where you are located and no matter what the weather is. You also get to enjoy 20+ calling features like caller ID, call blocking, phone number block, call forwarding, calendar sync with phone, do not disturb, voice mail via email and so many more. You also get unlimited domestic residential calling and very low international calling rates.

FiOS Bundles

Verizon offers two irresistible bundles for subscribers: the FiOS Double Play with two year agreement. This covers FiOS TV with select HD channels and FiOS internet with 15/5 Mbps. This is for $69.99 a month and can be further reduced using any Verizon Fios Promo code we have listed here. You may add Showtime, HBO and or Cinemax to get 50% off on your subscription. The next bundle is the FiOS Double Play with no agreement with the same features and price but is more flexible with a monthly payment scheme. You may also enjoy Triple Play subscriptions that combine Internet, voice and television in one bundle for only $89.99 a month.

Study your options to be able to get the best deals on your services. But if you are looking for the most savings and the most practical way to go is to choose FiOS bundled services.

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