Verizon FiOS Review

Verizon FiOS Review

What is Verizon FiOS?

Verizon FiOS is a new entertainment and communication service from Verizon. It consists of services like digital television, high speed internet services and home phone. It is one of the most popular and by far the most advanced considering Verizon wants to use 100% fiber optic lines from the source to the subscriber.

What are the features of this service?

  • With bundled services (Triple and Double Play) and with services that are covered with a subscription plan or without a subscription plan using Fios promotion code offers
  • Fast and reliable internet download and upload speeds
  • Crisp, clear and uninterrupted phone calls with over 20 calling features
  • More high definition channels and digital quality programming
  • Free $300 Amazon gift card or $300 prepaid VISA card upon subscription for a limited time only.
  • With efficient customer service via online chat, phone service or email
  • Installations are fast once services have been verified in your location

Pros of using this service

  1. Subscribers get to save so much instead of using a la carte services from other companies or services from Verizon. Bundled services are available for new and existing subscribers as well.
  2. Since the connection uses fiber optics technology, it is clear, uninterrupted and fast. Internet speeds are ideal for downloading digital movies in just minutes and high definition movies in less than an hour. You can also bet that upload speeds are fast plus gaming is smooth without lagging or stopping. Browsing is a breeze while all other tasks are also lightning fast. When it comes to voice, you can expect clear lines from anywhere you are and even when the weather is unpredictable. And when it comes to high definition movies and digital movies, expect the best selections from FiOS.
  3. You will get the help you need from Verizon’s customer service available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Any cons of using Verizon FiOS?

Possibly the worst thing about Verizon FiOS is its availability. Not all locations and even key locations in the country has fiber optics set up so this means it could take time for fiber optic services to reach every subscriber. And since this is a costly undertaking, expect that the price would also be more expensive compared to other companies. It is therefore best to find out availability of AT&T U-verse FiOS service in your location before subscribing or ordering installation.

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