Verizon FiOS vs. AT&T U-verse

Verizon FiOS vs. AT&T U-verse U-verse

In a battle between Verizon FiOS vs. AT&T U-verse U-verse, which one would win as the most popular choice among consumers? Verizon FiOS is all about fiber optics that is clearer and faster than any other type of connection but not all locations have this technology so U-verse may take the advantage. Check out the features that make these services click and don’t forget to use any Verizon promo code to help you save a few extra dollars:

According to plans and pricing

Verizon FiOS has two bundles if you are looking for internet, TV and voice in one. One is the FiOS Triple Play (FiOS TV Prime HD, Internet and home phone) for $89.99 a month with a 2 year lock in period and the other is the FiOS Triple Play with no annual agreement at $89.99. You may also check out FiOS Double Play for TV and Internet bundled services only which costs $69.99 a monththis is also available for a 2 year contract or a no annual contract plan.

AT&T U-verse Uverse has different bundles to suit every kind of subscriber’s needs. It has the U-family TV and Internet bundle at $59 a month for 12 months, the U-family TV, Internet and Voice for $79 a month for 12 months, the U200 TV and Internet for $89 a month and a U200 TV, Internet and Voice for $109 a month for 24 months. There are also packages for U300 TV and Internet for $94 a month for 12 months and U300 TV, Internet and Voice for $114 a month for 24 months.

According to features

New customers may enjoy a $300 free Amazon gift card or a $300 VISA prepaid card with their subscription. There are also more high definition channels, a free month of movies and DVD credits and expert customer protection plans and tech support. Verizon FiOS is fiber optics technology so it means faster Internet download and upload speeds, clearer and uninterrupted voice calls and more high definition channels.

At AT&T U-verse U-verse subscribers may choose or mix and match their services according to their needs. Their Build Your Own Bundle will help you plan for the services that you only need. Installation is also fast while customer service is done via phone or email.

According to availability

Both companies need to verify the new customer’s address for availability of services. After this has been confirmed will a schedule for installation be done. Verizon reminds customers about their installation through phone calls, emails and through a post card.

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